ariel's link has been fixed ( sorry dude)
and i found some links to a few of my co-workers at chuck gammage
so feel free to enjoy some work from:
chris land
trevor deane-freeman
sam chou


i have no idea why this is rendered like this...
its where boredom meets art.

massive swerve

if youre in the vancouver area around the 16th, you should do yourself a favor and pop by robert's show. i have a small inclination it wont disappoint.

crashed...burned...and rebuilt

wow, did my blog ever crash...
but i switched er over to the new blogger beta,
and she seems to be all good again.
here is a celebratory cat to celebrate...

some life drawing

my friend and i decided it would be fun to start doing some life drawing for the winter months.
so heres a few quick gestures from tonights class.
im not insanely proud of these things, but ill hopefully be able to post some improvement over the next few weeks while i attempt to get the lead out ( no pun intended ).

borat, the new mahir...

with all the mahir / borat conspiracy going on, it felt like a good time to post a clip i found on the ol youtube of an animated music video we made a whole lotta years ago for the mahir fella at noisemedia in vancouver.
who knows how this stuff ends up on youtube,
but i know kevin will appreciate this one, i think he was responsible for the "bird in the face" scene.


today is my 2nd blogiversary!!!
to celebrate the beginning of my 3rd year of blogging, i have a few walks and runs i did of the ol yamroll for you.
and just because today its such an momentous day, i have excluded the start and stop buttons so that they can run forever in honor of this historic event!!!!!

more of the same...but different!

a few months back i posted a version of the animation i did for the toy machine video that someone had filmed off their tv with a handycam and posted on youtube.
in my never ending search for better and more high quality clips of animation for you, i came across this...
which happens to be yet another version of the animation, but this time filmed with a handycam off of their computer moniter from what looks like a downloaded version of the video playing on windows media.
if thats not a sign that we've hit 2006, i dunno what is.

swf posts

hello out there!
i was thinking of throwing up some swfs on this thing, while doing my best to avoid setting up a youtube account in the process, so if there is anyone out there with a magical potion, or possibly an html code that might help me post swfs from my server onto blogger that i could use, id be forever grateful for the help...

larry king live

if i could be king, i would abolish olives,
those things are gross.

the birth of serfs

a friend of mine mirco that i know from collideascope in halifax had his live action zombie movie "birth of serfs" play in toronto last night and it was awesomeness to the extreme. since i dont think there is a site to send you to, ill just say that beyond the radness of the actual movie, any film that names a main character "city bank mastercard" gets and A+ in my books.
nice work mr.chen.

watchin tv movies...

this is supposed to be sean penn's character from calitos way...
i know its not benny. bobby? is it bobby?


ottawa was a fantastic time...
so in honor of last weeks fun,

more of the different

alright, still tryin out some different stuff. im not so sure if its successful or not...but here she be anyways...
rebel yell

a lil somethin different

this was inspired by a japanese board game i came across the other day, and once i finished the drawing, realized that it looks stunning close to the style of a friend of mine up in sudbury named ivan. not that im complaining, cause i really think his stuff is amazing, but just for the record... although it wasnt necessarily the plan, as well as the board game, i think this drawing is greatly ivan influenced.

j o what?

well i am officially a starving artist in the big city
but my pain is your gain,
because hopefully with my new found unemploymentness will come more frequent and maybe even better postings on this blog.
although i wouldnt expect any post between 12 and 1 p.m. on weekdays...
thats montel time


whew! im back in toronto, and with a brand new scanner!
in honor of my new scanner, heres some drawings from an old board i did about a year ago that i came across in my move.
considering its just sittin there collecting dust,
i figured id scan a few random panels for your confusion and enjoyment...

the big smoke

and 10 months and 78 episodes later...
yamroll season 1 is officially over.
it says something about the show you work on when you are SAD that a season is over instead of jumping for joy.
but with that said, you wont hear me complaining that it is now also officially my vacation!
3 weeks of nothing to think about other than my next meal
so if anyone out there is from, or currently lives in the big smoke, (i just moved to toronto this week) feel free to send me some directions to the best places in town.
preferably with a food safety inspection sticker that says PASS on the front window,
and just in case you were gonna mention this one,
i already know about the ikea cafeteria.

i guess hes from england?

ya, not too sure bout this one...
but what a bg though huh!!!
im gettin fancy over here!

viewing abstract

i received word today that my lil short called "viewing abstract" has been selected for the ottawa animation festival this year. other than the fact that i am overjoyed it was chosen, what i think is the cool thing about the selection is that i never had any intention of making it at all. it was spawned quite literally from sitting down at my computer after work on a friday night and doodling, until the next thing i knew, it was sunday evening and i had spat out a minutes worth of animation. no preproduction, no designs, no budget, no schedule, and definently no intention of making a short film. when lately everything i am involved with in this industry is solely dependent on such things, i think its neat that this short has been chosen for the festival which was made purely for shits and giggles on a lazy sudbury evening.


as izen put it, "now that we are finished our season, we finally have enough time to start a blog about the season"
so feel free to visit our fancy new yamroll blog

humans are played

when was the last time you saw and monkey and a pigeon in the same place at the same time?

cold hard flash

alrighty, my internet at home has been disconnected while i get my move on, so i guess ill be trying to post from work for a lil while. since i gots none of my files at work as of today...ill leave you with a link to an interview i did with coldhardflash that i just found. i think there are some more coming as part of their coldhardcouncil, but in the meantime, enjoy some words about some kind of industry mumbo jumbo that attempts to make me sound like i know what im talking about...

ok, these are beginning to get old

this one is the original image where this run of drawings began...and the final version for that mexican themed art show a few posts down.
just imagine it surrounded by a big brown dusty frame from value village

day 3

for some reason the colors on my computer at home are drastically different than what i see on my monitor at work, which makes a lot of these drawings look incredibly odd. so if you lookin at these things thinkin "man, dudes color stylin is wack", its cause my moniter i do these things on needs some obvious tuning.
anyways, day 3...

the world tour starts here

i spent a good portion of the last weekend drawin up some characters from different ethnicities around the world. i had an idea behind it, but before i get ahead of myself, ill start postin a few up here for yall to check out and we'll see what happens from there...

ren seeks help

john k put up a trailer on his blog for an episode of ren and stimpy that we made over at carbunkle a while back. i spotted a few scenes in there that i animated so i thought id post er up, probably the most memorable being the pistol whipping scene near the end of the trailer.


if you around vancouver near the end of the month,
feel free to stop by and visit my so called "artwork" at the midtown...

i mexicant

alright, after re-examining that mexican thingy, maybe its not the characters themselves that i despise so much, but it just has a lot to do with the layout and so on. its all pretty irrelevant now anyways considering i started a new one from scratch that i am much happier with ( ill post it after the show starts), but in the meantime, heres a better view at a few from the original attempt.

mariachi band

a friend of mine asked if i would contribute a piece to a show with a mexican theme.
after i finished this thing, i realized how much it reminded me of what would happen if i drew with my eyes closed...and mittens a room without air...sitting backwards...while listening to celine dion...on a chair made of really hot french fries...
back to square one i go...


handycam junkie

this is possibly the best thing ever
someone out there filmed my animation from the toy video with a freakin candycam and posted it on youtube!
a handycam!!!
whoever you are...
where ever you are...
i praise your ways


high in saturated fat, and spirit
its carl...the better block of butter...with a hat


this is phillip, the unshaven starfish.
he was gonna be named geoffry, but i wasnt sure if i should spell it geoffry, or geoffrey, or jeffrey...
so now he's just phillip.
or phil for short.

boxing is cool again

alright alright i fell off, but as far as i can see so did everyone else, so i aint feelin so bad.
p.s. go boxing...

just to keep from falling off

im tryin my darndest to keep postin on this thing regularly, but on nights like tonight, where im as unmotivated as i am, im forced to throw something up for the sake of throwing something up rather than the fun of doing it. did that make sense or do i need sleep?


sorry bout the blog being down.
it really hated this script i posted for some reason, and shut off for a few days. so post deleted and blog back up.