wasting a solid minute of your life

aight peoples.
you can check out what i spent my first weekend in sudbury doing.
for all you animation people out there, dont sweat it.
this one aint about the animation, its about the fun.
anyways, check er out HERE if you so please

havent fallen off yet

i feel like ive fallen off on this thing, but just to prove that sentiment wrong, i threw out a drawing this morning to slap up here. and incase you were wonderin about that short, its on its way.

oh my gosh, this is me on oct 20th
i just happened to look at that drawing,
im really sorry i posted that thing.
remind me to look at these things before posting them.
i think anything below 4 on the crapmeter should probably just be kept on my computer.

new short update

alrighty, so heres the deal. im so very close to finishing my new short temporarily named "viewing abstract" that i was gonna post a lil teaser on here, but now im thinkin instead of takin the time to cut out a piece and upload it and all that jazz, i might as well just use that effort to actually finish up the remaining bit of work left, and then be able to post the finished version in its entirety. this isnt to be confused with the short project i mentioned a few posts below, but this is more of a short short that kinda just sprung up outta nowhere and ending up almost done. so anyways, i hope you check back in later on in the week for a peeksy at the new goods.

Shortz in Italy

I found out my N.F.B. short was chosen to be showcased at the Positano Cartoons on the Bay festival in Positano, Italy this summer. cant help but be a little pleased about that.

ottawa day 4

ok, heres my best rendition of my time in ottawa so far:
wed: breakfast, lecture, lecture, lunch, lecture, dinner, party
thurs: breakfast, lecture, lecture, lunch, nap, lecture, dinner, screening, screening
fri: sleep in, breakfast, screening, dinner, party, party
sat: breakfast, panel, lunch, panel, screening, nap, dinner, screening, party

highlights so far have been the new york independent animators screening, mainly a film by Christy Karacas called space war!, a 3d and stop motion gothic film ( ya, i wouldnt think so either ), don hertzfeldt's film "the meaning of life", and oddly enough an experimental film about the soviet union.
inspiration can come from the most interesting of places.

more tomorrow...

gonna be driving

alrighty, looks like this is the temporary end of posts for a lil while. The computer will be gettin packed up tommorrow, along with other goods for my trip across canada...again. Im guessing in maybe a week or so i should be set up again for some more posting, but who knows really. expect the next posts to be drizzled with some east coast flavor. see yall in a few.

neglecting the pencil

ok, since it seems that ive been posting such random drawings on here so randomly, its not because i havent been drawing. for the past lil while ive been focusing all my drawings into a storyboard for a short that ive been working on for a few months in my spare time. i guess in the end, my short didnt turn out that short, and i guess im gonna have to take probably at least half of it to the chopping block, but the first draft did get done ( i have no idea how or when ) and im workin on my first round of corrections and revisions as i write this. so just in case you check this thing every now and then and think "this dude really doesnt draw that much for an animation guy", other than that probably being true, most of my drawings have just ended up in this board instead of on this website, and hopefully with its preliminary completion, they will start showing up on here a little more frequently.

lucha movie for you

oh looksie, in case you didnt run out to purchase your copy of the mucha lucha movie when it came out, heres you chance to watch it for less than $21.99:

MUCHA LUCHA: THE RETURN OF EL MALÉFICO makes its Canadian premiere on Saturday, Sept. 17, at 5:00 pm. Voiced by Tim Curry, the evil El Maléfico has broken free, and it's up to Rikochet, Buena Girl, and the Flea to stop him by gathering up three magical artifacts from different parts of the world. Will they do it in time to save their parents, the other Luchadores, and the world? Their battle with El Maléfico will decide the fate of the universe.

sounds intense

some bugs do have a short life

Apparently good animation, art direction, and characters don't mean anything to Disney. The Buzz on Maggie is no more.
-sean szeles' disney l.a.

so i can take this one of two ways, 1- someone at disney thought we did good animation, or 2- we had a part in a one season show that got canceled not a few months after it hit the air.
wow, i kinda thought the anti-praise thing was funny, but now that the snowball has begun rolling...

arent i supposed to be packing?

i was gonna print this out on a lil canvas for a friends birthday present, but it just ended up costing way too much, so it looks like theyre gonna end up getting a whole lotta nothing instead. i guess im really hoping that it actually is the thought that counts.

the move

alrighty, packing has begun, and the move is in the works. Ill be in ontario within the month to start directing animation on jon izens new show "the very good adventures of yam roll", right after a quick visit to the ottawa animation festival for a few days of animation inspiration. if you havent yet seen the pilot, you can take a peeksy here. its already been getting some good feedback, and i cant say i blame them. i dont think it gets too much better than this.

im a business man

now that i officially have a business card, i guess that means im officially a business man...funny cause i dont wear a tie, carry a briefcase, have a secretary or even go to work.

wedding gifts

as much as i hate to admit that i sorta rushed a friends wedding gift, i ended up sorta rushing a friends wedding gift. i guess in the end, its not that im rediculously unhappy with the result, but its just that they probably deserve a lot better than what this is worth. i wonder if anyone prints onto gold...

site down

alrighty,i have finally taken down mikegeiger.com for some seriously needed updating. who knows when itll be completely updated, but better nothin up on that site than that hoard of ol drawings from 5 years ago. And besides, itll force me to update this blog a lot more often than i have been. so i apologize if you were lookin for the site and its gone, but the new and improved content should make it worth the wait.

some post-its

i was cleaning out my space at work today, and along with the other junk thats accumulated throughout my time at bardel were these post it notes of a few movie characters. i always seemed to get slack for that catwoman one. people thought it was daredevil with boobs. but considering that i never saw that movie, or ever read the comic book, im gonna have to claim ignorance on this one.


alright, so i guess i has officially been over a month since i posted anything up here. again, it aint cause i havent been workin, its just that the stuff i been workin on isnt the kind of stuff i can post on here. anyways, here is at least something so i dont feel like this site has completely fallen off. it was for my friend who, you guessed it, really likes peanut butter.

weeks drawin

ok, if you are hangin out on the beach on a nice sunny day, and you happen to loose your glasses in the sand and cant seem to locate them, picking up two magnifying glasses and using them instead is NOT an acceptable alternative. it will definently work against you...


heres a LINK to the new show we're working on a bardel, including some clips from our first episode.

todays drawin

i wonder what this piano represents in my subconscious....

tonights drawings

some drawings from tonights session

days drawin

ok, so it may look like shes missing an arm, but can we not just believe that its behind her back? no? ...ok fine, so she missing an arm.

drawing drawings

just finished my second show on maggie, and with that, comes a healthy 4 week layoff before i start the next one. and with the layoff, comes some much needed time to draw again! yay! so to kick off my time off, i will post my first drawing of my vacation. what else can i say but yay!!!

some props for me

i guess my lil N.F.B. short that i did last year has been nominated as a HORS CONCOURS selection for the rockies awards at the BANFF 2005 t.v. festival. That means, not in the competition, but more like an honourable mention i believe, but none the less an honor for me.
anyways, if you dont believe me, you can check out the banff site here
to have a looksie.

weeks drawin'

some sorta drawing from this week...
also, i thought id throw this in here, i dont think its my favorite thing ever, but i think its cool how this came out of a drawing of a woman that i scanned into my computer. lets put it in the "interesting" category.

rds graphics

alrighty, heres a few more graphics that i did for rds. i really have no idea where the idea for the second graphic came from, but in the end, i think it was probably the design i was most happy with. i mean, who wouldnt want to wear a t-shirt with an empty cardboard box on it?



i did a few graphics designs for a friend of mine at red dragons. i was gonna post a few up, but instead, i think ill first post the ones that i didnt even send cause they fall into the "what was i thinking" category. our first "what was i thinking" offender is this strange drawing. now in my defence, this was falling under the group of " girls cute" which was specifically asked for, but i think i may have gone a little too far...especially for the red dragons.

what happened to all the drawings?

oh my gosh, what happened? from one a day, to a few a week, to now when i havent posted in like 2 weeks. again, its not cause i havent been working. Ive just been working on some stuff that wouldnt make sense to post up here. but jeez, i miss drawing!!! sooo, the resurrection is in the works, its just finding a spare 8 minutes in the day to draw something and scan it is what im having trouble with. if anyones got an extra few minutes they could loan me, id be down.

weeks drawing

well, i wasnt gonna post this, but due to lack of finished drawings this week, this is what you get. Im not too into "political" stuff, but this was done for a friend of mine who is. i dont mind the result really, just feels weird to be drawing " messages" instead of drawings.

victoria film fest

i guess my little nfb film will be showing at the victoria international film and video festival on feb 7th along with some other nfb shorts. I know it says capitol 6 theatre on the thingy, but i guess there is a capitol 6 in victoria as well, so if you end up so bored on the 7th that you decide to wander down to granville and check it out, you may be disapointed. not nearly as disapointed as if you paid 8 bucks to watch the short, but still disapointed none the less. and besides, you can always check it out for free without sounds on my site if your interested.

weeks drawing, sorta

sheesh, ok, this is a very unfinished thingy, but im feelin bad that ive been lagging so hard on this site so...heres at least something to look at til i get it finished and more stuff up on here thats not half done.

weeks drawin

yikes, ive been busy. less posts than normal. sorry! again, i have been drawing, but workin on stuff that i cant really post. anyways, who cares. hes at least somethin for the week.

todays drawing

i dunno, its just a drawing....
kinda seems like the guy that would be reading poetry at the beach.