do schools still have mcdonalds day any more?
if not maybe they should,
cause it looks like they used to be a big "SECSSES"

there is "cuddle sticks" weird, and then there is "me as a child" weird

so i was going through some old boxes over the weekend and came across some drawings that i did when i was a child.
i found this one in particular to be a tad peculiar.
i would love to get a psychoanalysis of what this picture really represents, but it is odd because
A: i have lived in canada my entire life
B: ive never owned a bird or and empty bird cage
C: there is a big green monster with horns behind my head while i am trying to watch t.v.
and D: because i must of felt i necessary to write the words "THE END" on the t.v. set.


*you can click on the picture for a larger view if you so please