todays drawing

this was actually drawn as part of a joke, but in the end, i kinda dug the way it turned out.

it was no spongebob...

so i checked out this movie brown bunny last night. now i dunno if you all know about this thing, or who vincent gallo is, but i felt like some kind of sucker for getting suckered into this thing written and directed by a nobody who is a somebody because he is a weirdo. i then ( after my rant about how it blew..haha, blew) decided to look up this fellow on the internet to find out why he thought he had the beans to waste my 2 hours and $8.50 to see this load of anal spewage, until i realized, that this it is probably exactly why, and most likely the only reason, he made this ridiculous movie, wait, movie may be too strong a word here... to gain hype about the fact that he is hooped and should be considered a "pop culture icon" for being so fugged. so i changed my mind and decided i would rather not care enough about him to check out his biography, and instead, write this extendo post about that terrible (please dont go rent this movie, and geez people, if you do, especially not with your family) movie called brown bunny.

the sponge b square p movie

ok, i saw the sponge b square p movie today, but unfortunately for you, no amount of description could ever explain how hooped this movie is. definently hooped in a good way, but i just fear for the precious minds of all the little children out there that must be working incredibly hard to try to grasp what the f*&k just happened, and why david hasselhoff's chest can launch rockets??!? what the...

todays sketches

some dudes and a girl lookin kinda funky.
i am now wondering why i feel it is necessary to draw womens hands in awkward positions?