the birth of serfs

a friend of mine mirco that i know from collideascope in halifax had his live action zombie movie "birth of serfs" play in toronto last night and it was awesomeness to the extreme. since i dont think there is a site to send you to, ill just say that beyond the radness of the actual movie, any film that names a main character "city bank mastercard" gets and A+ in my books.
nice work mr.chen.


Blair Kitchen said...

Hey Mike! how's it going? Nice blog you have here. I wish I knew Mirco was going to be in town. I would have loved to see him. How was the screening? See you around.

Mirco said...

Thanks Mike, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again for coming and supporting the show. It was good seeing you. I can't tell you how much it meant to me.