tonights drawings

some drawings from tonights session

days drawin

ok, so it may look like shes missing an arm, but can we not just believe that its behind her back? no? ...ok fine, so she missing an arm.

drawing drawings

just finished my second show on maggie, and with that, comes a healthy 4 week layoff before i start the next one. and with the layoff, comes some much needed time to draw again! yay! so to kick off my time off, i will post my first drawing of my vacation. what else can i say but yay!!!

some props for me

i guess my lil N.F.B. short that i did last year has been nominated as a HORS CONCOURS selection for the rockies awards at the BANFF 2005 t.v. festival. That means, not in the competition, but more like an honourable mention i believe, but none the less an honor for me.
anyways, if you dont believe me, you can check out the banff site here
to have a looksie.