how to run a school 2010 winter games style

my "peaceful protest" of the winter games.
made in conjunction with the NFB's citizenshift program.
if you are interested in more details about the program's dossier,
you can feel free to check it out at the citizenshift website

*just as a side note here, i have nothing against the idea of the actual "games" or the athletes themselves, i think they deserve all the respect in the world. just the ludicrous amount of money spent on hosting the games that i feel could be channeled into more meaningful avenues.
erecting a 9.2 million dollar temporary "canada" pavilion in a parking lot where people sleep seems mildly bizarre.
hope that makes sense.

the sound of me blushing...

im so flattered by this write up on my county ghost by AWN i just had to share.
reading stuff like this just makes me want to stay up all night and make more.
a genuine thank you to AWN.

7) County Ghost - Episode 1 - Mike Geiger
AWNtv received four episodes of Geiger's wonderful classic-styled cartoon series, each of which is of equal quality. This Looney Tunes-inspired 2D cartoon finds a moonshiner blasting away at a ghost in his house. The premise is simple and sets up a series of wonderfully executed gags. This is a great example of how timing is so essential to humor in animation. The gags are no different than those in a Bugs Bunny cartoon, but they still make you laugh. Geiger's great design style only makes the animation all the more sweeter.