massive swerve

if youre in the vancouver area around the 16th, you should do yourself a favor and pop by robert's show. i have a small inclination it wont disappoint.

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Mega said...

nice work man! man, glad youre living up to the name haha!

hey fella, im glad to hear you want on the fourty show! id be all about getting you on for this! i need artists, so lets do this!

my only rules are that the painting needs to be on a 40 oz malt liuqor bottle, like a colt 45 for example. you can paint the entire bottle, or just the lable area, its up to you. ive been getting lots of questions about what medium works on 40s, and to be honest , this is a first for me too. id probably say to make a base coat with something, then apply the paint on top of that....think thatd work? sure, hahaa..

if theres anything else you need to know, feel free to ask! im still working on an exact date, but i have the venue, so dont worry about that, its not a lost cause, its official. im aiming for around january or february.