county ghost

alrighty, i figure now is as good a time as any to introduce a new web series that ive been working on called "county ghost". seeing as how its a solo project, im doubting that the episodes will come out on any sort of schedule other than when i finish making them, but the prospect of keeping 12 episodes so that i could release them weekly just didnt seem to make all that much sense to me right now.
in any case, here is the first one. its actually been done for a few weeks, so there are a lot of things i really dislike about it (especially that the new youtube encoder doesnt hand pans very well so the animation looks really choppy in there during the movements), but i decided to just leave em in and spend that time moving forward on the next episode rather than going back to sugar coat the first.

alright, enough yapping...

episode 1...

this weeks update...minus any sort of drawings or artwork

ill be at the ottawa animation festival this weekend if anyone is interested in hooking up for a beer or beavertail or anything like that. it will actually be the first year that i dont have an itinerary to follow, so im looking forward to some relaxing evenings of animation screenings and some supposedly 27 degree weather!
in other animation festival news, cuddle sticks is showing this weekend in denver at the frame damage animation festival if anyone is anywhere near there and wants to help cheer on the madness.

ohoh, also, before i forget, since youtube wont let you replace videos, i stopped using my old youtube account and started a new one at so that i could upload my stuff in youtube high quality! wowzers does it ever make a whopping difference. so if you have a chance, please feel free to check out the high defness, it is like night and day compared to their old compression...still drops frames during pans or other heavy movements, but at least it looks good doing so.