dark years

i came across this website today for a project that i worked on at chuck gammage for a few months during the pre-production phase.
the clip that is posted here just happens to be one of the sections that i boarded. im not sure who animated it, so i cant give credit where credit is due, but its cool to see what it looks like finished up and with music and all.
take a peak if you feel like it.

the dark years

the show airs in its entirety ( all 3 hours of it ) dec 26th, 27th, and 28th on the history channel.

i heard a story

i recently heard a story on the news about a turtle being born with a head on both ends...


ive recently been giving a few people a hard time about not updating their blog enough, so to practice what i preach, im determined to start posting a minimum one post a week. like it or not, good or bad, doodle or clean, one post a week is the new plan...

now this is a coincidence

that unicorn down there looks suspiciously a lot like this dragon...
could there be some foul play amiss?

bens video

an old friend from halifax named ben made this music video
its amazing...

since we're posting b ball posts...

if your not from toronto, or you dont watch the b ball, you might not know who this dude is.
this is our raptor rookie andrea bargnani,
hes the guy helping to make it fun to watch toronto basketball again, for us that dig it.


i updated a few links over there if you are feeling like doing some linkage.

win place and hopefully win

i noticed that a yamroll episode "win, place, or toe" has been entered into the platform animation festival in portland.
if you wanna check it out before the festival, you can pop over to ilaugh.com for a gander.
just click on the "categories" tab and change it to "3minute episodes" and watch away.
a few of those episodes turned out to be real jems thanks to some talented dudes.
may i also suggest:
"what a pickle", animated by ben anderson
"a very taxing cab", animated by tim stuby
or if you happen to be an animator and always wondered what it would be possible to get away with, you can try " whats wrong with this picture". its what happens when some people dont get enough sleep and start to wonder if right is wrong or if wrong might possibly turn out to be good.
hope you enjoy watchin em, like we enjoyed makin em...

another one from the archive

now this is a few years old,
but ive heard that quality is timeless...

fishball returns

i was rummaging through my hard drive last night and happened to come across an old comic i made a few years back.
this is a text book example of what a winter in halifax will do to you...