the week in news...sort of

county ghost was featured on cold hard flash this week. you can check it here if you havent already. episode 2 is midway through and im feeling a bit better about it than i was about the first, so we will see if i still share that sentiment once its completed.

i was in ottawa for the animation festival this weekend. i think the standouts for me were the aardman shorts, and a really nice film by kyle marshall that was part of the canadian showcase.

and lastly, i noticed that a site called "i am bored" has been somehow streaming cuddle sticks to 3200 people without me knowing about it. lord i wish i could understand how they got a hold of my file considering its only been uploaded to youtube and 4mations from my computer, and not available for download anywhere else that i know of. in any case, its a weird feeling. i guess i should just be happy that it is 3200 more people that might not of watched it otherwise...but still...