borat, the new mahir...

with all the mahir / borat conspiracy going on, it felt like a good time to post a clip i found on the ol youtube of an animated music video we made a whole lotta years ago for the mahir fella at noisemedia in vancouver.
who knows how this stuff ends up on youtube,
but i know kevin will appreciate this one, i think he was responsible for the "bird in the face" scene.


today is my 2nd blogiversary!!!
to celebrate the beginning of my 3rd year of blogging, i have a few walks and runs i did of the ol yamroll for you.
and just because today its such an momentous day, i have excluded the start and stop buttons so that they can run forever in honor of this historic event!!!!!

more of the same...but different!

a few months back i posted a version of the animation i did for the toy machine video that someone had filmed off their tv with a handycam and posted on youtube.
in my never ending search for better and more high quality clips of animation for you, i came across this...
which happens to be yet another version of the animation, but this time filmed with a handycam off of their computer moniter from what looks like a downloaded version of the video playing on windows media.
if thats not a sign that we've hit 2006, i dunno what is.