as i begin to produce more independent work, i find myself with the urge to start branding myself and my work in an attempt to keep it all somewhat organized. its been an oddly hard struggle because the last thing i want to do is start saying that "mike geiger" is a brand, just seems really cheesy for me to do, but low and we are.
although it seems like a good idea to use a "cartoony" name for myself and my work, my first concern was that a lot of names that sound good now, may not be good in a few years. how many times have you had a brainchild that you looked back at only a few weeks later and said "what was i thinking".
on that same note, coming up with a name that i was happy with that also happens to be available with a .com beside it is next to impossible. unless you want 10 or more letters in your name, chances are whatever you come up with plus .com is already taken.
on top of that all, considering i am already registered as mike geiger and i already own, seems logical to avoid the complications of being called "some sorta funny but not really original" cartoon name and just stick with what my parents gave me.
so, there ya have it. mike geiger. i guess i should at least be happy my name is not something way worse...