some older goodies.

i was recently over at bob jaques' blog where he posted a line test from a really great old ren and stimpy sequence that he directed on the original series.
it inspired me to go back and find a few scenes that i animated for him and kelly at carbunkle cartoons on the newer APC series that we did back in 2003.
this is a scene from "ren seeks help" that i believe was layed out by Helder if i remember correctly and animated by myself.

a few shots from another project

ive been suffering a severe case of animation inspiration deprivation over the last few days, so instead of working, i decided to post a few stills of a little project that i had been tinkering with a few weeks back.

if anyone has any weird and wonderful ways that they crawl out of an artistic rut, id love to hear em. my inspiration seems to have gone on vacation and ive spent the majority of the last week just staring at the monitor and scratching my head...