neglecting the pencil

ok, since it seems that ive been posting such random drawings on here so randomly, its not because i havent been drawing. for the past lil while ive been focusing all my drawings into a storyboard for a short that ive been working on for a few months in my spare time. i guess in the end, my short didnt turn out that short, and i guess im gonna have to take probably at least half of it to the chopping block, but the first draft did get done ( i have no idea how or when ) and im workin on my first round of corrections and revisions as i write this. so just in case you check this thing every now and then and think "this dude really doesnt draw that much for an animation guy", other than that probably being true, most of my drawings have just ended up in this board instead of on this website, and hopefully with its preliminary completion, they will start showing up on here a little more frequently.

lucha movie for you

oh looksie, in case you didnt run out to purchase your copy of the mucha lucha movie when it came out, heres you chance to watch it for less than $21.99:

MUCHA LUCHA: THE RETURN OF EL MALÉFICO makes its Canadian premiere on Saturday, Sept. 17, at 5:00 pm. Voiced by Tim Curry, the evil El Maléfico has broken free, and it's up to Rikochet, Buena Girl, and the Flea to stop him by gathering up three magical artifacts from different parts of the world. Will they do it in time to save their parents, the other Luchadores, and the world? Their battle with El Maléfico will decide the fate of the universe.

sounds intense

some bugs do have a short life

Apparently good animation, art direction, and characters don't mean anything to Disney. The Buzz on Maggie is no more.
-sean szeles' disney l.a.

so i can take this one of two ways, 1- someone at disney thought we did good animation, or 2- we had a part in a one season show that got canceled not a few months after it hit the air.
wow, i kinda thought the anti-praise thing was funny, but now that the snowball has begun rolling...

arent i supposed to be packing?

i was gonna print this out on a lil canvas for a friends birthday present, but it just ended up costing way too much, so it looks like theyre gonna end up getting a whole lotta nothing instead. i guess im really hoping that it actually is the thought that counts.