the big smoke

and 10 months and 78 episodes later...
yamroll season 1 is officially over.
it says something about the show you work on when you are SAD that a season is over instead of jumping for joy.
but with that said, you wont hear me complaining that it is now also officially my vacation!
3 weeks of nothing to think about other than my next meal
so if anyone out there is from, or currently lives in the big smoke, (i just moved to toronto this week) feel free to send me some directions to the best places in town.
preferably with a food safety inspection sticker that says PASS on the front window,
and just in case you were gonna mention this one,
i already know about the ikea cafeteria.

i guess hes from england?

ya, not too sure bout this one...
but what a bg though huh!!!
im gettin fancy over here!

viewing abstract

i received word today that my lil short called "viewing abstract" has been selected for the ottawa animation festival this year. other than the fact that i am overjoyed it was chosen, what i think is the cool thing about the selection is that i never had any intention of making it at all. it was spawned quite literally from sitting down at my computer after work on a friday night and doodling, until the next thing i knew, it was sunday evening and i had spat out a minutes worth of animation. no preproduction, no designs, no budget, no schedule, and definently no intention of making a short film. when lately everything i am involved with in this industry is solely dependent on such things, i think its neat that this short has been chosen for the festival which was made purely for shits and giggles on a lazy sudbury evening.