i hate color

so, ive been doing pre-production of my new project for the past 4 or 5 weeks now.
script done, models done, rotations done, props done, bg locations done, and now voice records done.
so today is the first day of "color", and i gotta admit, i havent felt as lost as i am right now in a long time. if you ever noticed, i like to stick to a few colors that i am comfortable with and pretty much hang out in the same area of the color palette no matter what im working on. unfortunately this project takes place in a bright sunny atmosphere with white clouds and beaches, which is a drastic change from the normal browny darkness that im used to.
so i am feeling kinda completely out of my element here, and am realizing that where in the past, i would mix in darker tones to add depth, adding white doesnt work oppositely to make something brighter. it just washes out the color that you originally had.
this is messed up!