Tennessee Tuxedo

I recently did some design work on a series of shorts with the ever wonderful Chuck Gammage for Trix Silly channel.
Had a really fun time with these ones.

Additional episodes available here

ReAnimania Festival Armenia

Excited that ON THE SUBWAY has been accepted in competition at the ReAnimania Festival this October. Wooo!

Klik Amsterdam 2014

Happy to announce ON THE SUBWAY will be making an appearance at the KLIK! Animation festival in Amsterdam as part of the professional competition this year.

Fundle Bundle

The Super Duper Super Hero is making an appearance on the all new Fundle Bundle YouTube channel this week along with the talented Joel Mackenzie's The Myth of Robo Wonder Kid video.

Thanks to Mike Valiquette for setting up this new portal for Canadian animation.

X Channel Frederator Network

I'm pleased to announce that I have teamed up the Channel Frederator Network to join their ever expanding YouTube community.

On The Subway festival screenings

I'm pleased to announce On The Subway will be screening at two festivals this fall.

File Anima + festival in August
and the Ottawa International Animation Festival in September.

New mikegeiger.com website

For whatever reason, it feels oddly ironic to post that my website has been redesigned on my blog.
But nevertheless, please feel free to pop over to mikegeiger.com to check out the new digs!

TAAFI 2014

I realize I'm way overdue on this, but wanted to throw a post out there about how much I enjoyed my TAAFI experience this year.

I was a part of two events, the first being a workshop on making short films, and the second a panel on "Creating Success".
While I could spend the next two paragraphs apologizing for my nervousness getting the better of me while delivering the workshop, I'll save the space for a note on all the other fun stuff about the festival that was super enjoyable.
Great old friends, the opportunity to meet some new ones, a terrific group of volunteers, and the feeling of being a part of a really supportive and creative atmosphere made the weekend a memorable one.
The festival does seem to be growing up and felt like this year in particular had a nice community vibe thanks to the addition of the TAAFI marketplace.

Thanks again to Barney, and Rich, and Mike, and Ben at TAAFI for the invite, and Canadian Animation Resources for hosting me in their booth along with their other guests.
Looking forward to next year!
*photo borrowed from the CAR site. Photo credit to Kyu-bum Lee
From left to right: Mike Valiquette, Rob Davies, Dave Cooper, Myself, Michael Rex, Natasha Allegri

TAAFI workshop

Hello everyone!
I will be putting on a workshop at the Toronto Animated Arts Festival International this season called "Making Cartoon His Way" and wanted to invite you to attend.
It will be a FREE workshop on Saturday June 14th at 2 at George Brown College (Waterfront Campus) 4th Floor Learning Landscape.

I'll be going over my story and drawing process with the hopes of sharing some of the things I have learned over the past years making films, ending with a short case study on my most recent film ON THE SUBWAY.

I would be thrilled if you wanted to come by and join the discussion.
I can't promise you will leave smarter, but I can promise a lot of embarrassingly crappy development drawings, and a few giveaways including a special TAAFI print for everyone who attends.

Hope you can make it a part of your fun-filled festival weekend!

On The Subway

My newest film "On The Subway".
Its about a bear and his journey on the subway of life.
It also starts a Velociraptor.

Film by Mike Geiger
"Bully on the Subway" by Hobo Divine

2014 London International Animation Festival

Received word that my 2008 film Cuddle Sticks will be showing at the London International Animation Festival this year. If you are in the UK, please feel free to pop by!

I Feel Brave storybook app

Very honored to have my little app I FEEL BRAVE with a small feature in the April edition of Today's Parent magazine.

To celebrate, the I FEEL BRAVE app will be available for FREE for two weeks only, from April 14th 2014 through until May 1st 2014. Please feel free to check it out!

Cuddle Sticks fan art?

And this is something I never expected to see.
Some brave person posted some Cuddle Sticks fan art to their Deviant page. 
*Artwork by xXDarkestRoseXx
Feel free to check out more for their work on their Deviant page here

TIFF kids film festival

Excited to announce my film "The Supervillain", part of my Super Duper Super Hero series will be playing at TIFF kids in Toronto Saturday, April 12th at 3:15.
Feel free to click here for more information.

Napkin Man Designs

Now that the first season of Napkin Man has aired, I'm happy to share a few designs that I did for the series. If you would like to check out a few episodes as well, there are quite a few available on the CBC Kids website here.


I guess its A-OK to share a few poses and designs I did for the FANGBONE pilot since it is now available for viewing online.

Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong

I am very pleased to announce that a show I created called "Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong" has been officially green lit for production with Teletoon and ABC Australia.
I couldn't be more thrilled and excited to start work on this project that I have been developing with E-One and Sticky Pictures over the last few years, and share it with you in the 2016 season.

Press release from E-One Family:

Entertainment One Family’s New 2-D Animated Series

February 06, 2014
The fast-paced children’s TV show produced with Australia’s  Sticky Pictures scheduled to  broadcast  on ABC3 Australia and TELETOON Canada  in 2016
LONDON 6th February : Entertainment One Family (eOne Family) is proud to announce that its high energy comedy cartoon series Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong, developed in collaboration with multi-award winning studio Sticky Pictures have  partnered with broadcasters TELETOON Canada and ABC3 Australia to deliver the new 2-D animated series in 2016 .

Olivier Dumont, MD of Entertainment One Family said, “We’re incredibly excited to be working with Sticky Pictures on what we truly believe to be a fantastically funny and inventive TV show that will hit the sweet spot of kids aged 6-12. Securing ABC3 and TELETOON as broadcast partners at this stage in the production is a clear endorsement of the show’s potential and we can’t wait to bring it to TV screens across the world!”

The new 52 X 11’ animated show for 6-12 year olds follows the hilarious hijinks of Winston Steinburger, his feline best friend Sir Dudley and an uptight alien, Hampton, as they explore the galaxy together in a homemade space cruiser seeking out fun adventures. The three astronomical amigos face death on a daily basis, squaring off against bubbling planets, bad-breathed Space-bandits and the worst nemesis of all – Pam the Destroyer – a tweenie bopper with a manic personality, an itchy trigger finger and a mega crush on Winston.

Donna Andrews (CEO & Partner) from independent Australian production company Sticky Pictures said, “We love Winston Steinburger!  It’s fast, funny and full of cheek.   We’ve been delighted by the response so far from ABC3 and TELETOON and we look forward to working closely with eOne Family to produce the series.”

“How could we resist the cheeky chap and his two cute pals? And Pam! The high octane scripts are perfect for the ABC3 audience. From the moment we saw the teaser we knew there was something special about this great new show. “

ALAN GREGG, Director of Content, TELETOON Canada adds, “We’re thrilled to partner with  eOne Family on  this irreverent fast-paced, comedy action series.  TELETOON viewers will fall out of theirs seats when they finally meet the colourful characters of Winston Steinburger. ”

January Update

Been an exciting week for the I FEEL SUPER app.
It's currently featured on the iTunes Kids section under BEST FOR AGES 5 AND UNDER.
Thank you very much to all who have downloaded it and helped my little app land on this page with some prestigious company.

The Super Duper Super Hero shorts have also found their way into some great festivals this season.
It received an invite for TIFFkids in Toronto in April of this year, along with some previous screenings at the Ottawa Animation festival, and the Melbourne Animation festival, and 3 previous awards at the L.A. Webfest earlier in 2013.

This is a series I was heavily involved with from the pilot, through character designs, storyboards and a few days on set with the kids.
I am really proud of the work on this series in particular and was a great experience from start to finish. Its such a bonus when you have the opportunity to work on programming that you believe in.
The Adventures of Napkin Man air Mon-Fri at 9:30 a.m. on C.B.C.

Also released this season is a series in which I did some character designs for, as well as wrote an episode on, called the YUP YUPS 
I'm not entirely sure what episodes have aired yet, so the best I can show is a pretty basic car so I don't give anything up from the show.
You can catch this show on Disney Jr. weeknights a 6:55 p.m.

Places I've Lived series

I have admittedly lived in a few more places than these but didn't want it to get too out of hand ( Ive also lived in some pretty bland places so fair game I guess).
If interested, prints of any or all of these are available for purchase at my Society6 shop here.
Thanks! *Can click on the pictures for a larger version

1 - White Rock B.C. Canada        2 - Vancouver B.C. Canada
3 - Halifax N.S. Canada        4 - Vancouver B.C. Canada
5 - Vancouver B.C. Canada        6 - White Rock B.C. Canada
7 - Toronto Ontario Canada        8 - Sudbury Ontario Canada
9 - Halifax N.S. Canada        10 - Toronto Ontario Canada
11 - Toronto Ontario Canada        12 - Ottawa Ontario Canada