the happy little tree monster

a little drawing i drew for a wonderful friend of mine for christmas this year.

happy holidays

hope everyone has a festive christmas and fantastic 2011...

the hype shoe obsession

i was going through an old hard drive this evening and came across this little video i made a few years ago called "the hype shoe obsession"
i believe there was a call for entries on the subject of "obsession" and ended up putting this together.
needless to say, it never went anywhere other than my hard drive, so i figured id throw it up here, because, well, why not.
if for nothing else, i do like the song. interview

i was lucky enough to get an interview with Rondal Scott 111 on this week.
pretty exciting!

you can check the interview out here

im super duper excited to announce the launch of
its a daily comic site that i am starting with a few super talented friends of mine.
the site is officially launching monday, but please feel free to pop over and check it out.

if you happen to be a twitterer, you can also follow the site @thesupervillainers

naked frames

if you are around toronto november 25th, please feel free to stop by the naked frames animation show at the revue and check out some films!

a few DVDs to give away... has been kind enough to offer to give away a few County Ghost DVDs in celebration of the Halloween weekend.
Please feel free to pop on over and add a comment on their post to claim yours!

"mother goose gets animated" piece

this is my piece for the "mother goose gets animated" art show that was took place this weekend at the ottawa animation festival. the theme of the show was "nursery rhymes", so i chose "mother hubbard" for mine, which goes as follows:

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard,
To give the poor dog a bone:
When she came there,
The cupboard was bare,
And so the poor dog had none.

i was really privileged to have my piece among a lot of other extremely talented artists.
here are few links to some other participants who have posted their pieces from the show on their blogs...

brad cayford

scott k macdonald
jon izen
kyle marshall
steve lambe
chris graf
james walsh

mother goose art show

if youre around the ottawa area for the animation festival next week, be sure to pop by the mother goose show on elgin st. gonna be a great bunch of talented people showing their work...

the new york times

hey look at that,
a still from my star wars uncut piece somehow ended up in the new york times!

Manute Bol

admittedly a little before my time,
but a little tribute to Manute Bol.
the tallest player ever in the NBA at 7'7" and only player to ever block more shots than he scored...

a new round of cuddle sticks reaction videos...

*note - you probably want to pop ahead to about the 1:30 mark of these to avoid the minute and a half build up of not much happening

yamroll and the at the canadian film centre worldwide short film festival

a"for festivals only" short of yamroll will be showing at at the canadian film centre worldwide short film festival in toronto next week.
the short was animated by myself and the ultra talented ivan rusev, and of coarse created by the wonderful talents of jon izen and jono howard.
you can check out more info on the march site if youre interested.

a lil blog interview

did a little q and a about county ghost recently for a blog down south:
you can check it out here if you so please

smile and penny

heres the intro to a web show ive been working on with my friend hobo divine
its been in the works for a while, so im happy to finally present it to you for your viewing pleasure.


for whatever reason, in addition to a large amount of very polite and gracious people, youtube attracts a healthy dose of viewers that love to rip you new one.
so for the amount of people that leave nasty and rude notes on my videos, getting a comment like this is golden.

(taken from my transistor sect short)

thanks mccaslin7575,
made my day.

whistler (not the place)

a little design i did for a friend who was looking for a female whistle character....


a drawing of me for a friends project.
and yes, i totally can hold up garbage cans with my finger.

how to run a school 2010 winter games style

my "peaceful protest" of the winter games.
made in conjunction with the NFB's citizenshift program.
if you are interested in more details about the program's dossier,
you can feel free to check it out at the citizenshift website

*just as a side note here, i have nothing against the idea of the actual "games" or the athletes themselves, i think they deserve all the respect in the world. just the ludicrous amount of money spent on hosting the games that i feel could be channeled into more meaningful avenues.
erecting a 9.2 million dollar temporary "canada" pavilion in a parking lot where people sleep seems mildly bizarre.
hope that makes sense.

the sound of me blushing...

im so flattered by this write up on my county ghost by AWN i just had to share.
reading stuff like this just makes me want to stay up all night and make more.
a genuine thank you to AWN.

7) County Ghost - Episode 1 - Mike Geiger
AWNtv received four episodes of Geiger's wonderful classic-styled cartoon series, each of which is of equal quality. This Looney Tunes-inspired 2D cartoon finds a moonshiner blasting away at a ghost in his house. The premise is simple and sets up a series of wonderfully executed gags. This is a great example of how timing is so essential to humor in animation. The gags are no different than those in a Bugs Bunny cartoon, but they still make you laugh. Geiger's great design style only makes the animation all the more sweeter.


establishing shot and principles office for a little project im doing over the weekend...


im excited to say that county ghost was listed on AWNs top ten picks for best animated short of 2009.
definitely a nice way to go into the new year.

cartoon hangover

for those of you visiting from cartoon hangover...welcome!

if you are looking for those reaction videos that bailee spoke of,
you can find them HERE

hope you liked the film!