Collaberation project (help my new film!)

Ive started working on a new little short film and realized that it could use some props. Rather than throw in whatever came to mind, I thought it might be fun to throw in whatever YOU thought came to mind instead.

My idea is to have you, my blog followers, twitter friends etc. etc. choose an item, any item you want (lets please keep it clean), and I will do my best to somehow incorporate it into my next short film starring this guy pictured below.
It can be anything you wish, as long as it is a THING.

I will take suggestions for one week (from now until Sunday April 1st).
Since I'm unsure of how many suggestion I will get, I cant promise to use yours. I think the best method I can think of is to randomly choose 10 (Ill take more if I can fit them in), but not reveal which items I chose until the short is finished. Hopefully giving you a surprise once the film is done to see if your item was chosen, and if so, how it was use.
Call it a Mad Libs animation style.

So please join in my film making process and post an item in the comments below.
Looking forward to working with you!

*note - you don't need to sign up for anything to post in the comments. Just write your suggestion and preferably a name (so I can include it in the credits if chosen) and click "anonymous" which will let you post without signing in.