win place and hopefully win

i noticed that a yamroll episode "win, place, or toe" has been entered into the platform animation festival in portland.
if you wanna check it out before the festival, you can pop over to for a gander.
just click on the "categories" tab and change it to "3minute episodes" and watch away.
a few of those episodes turned out to be real jems thanks to some talented dudes.
may i also suggest:
"what a pickle", animated by ben anderson
"a very taxing cab", animated by tim stuby
or if you happen to be an animator and always wondered what it would be possible to get away with, you can try " whats wrong with this picture". its what happens when some people dont get enough sleep and start to wonder if right is wrong or if wrong might possibly turn out to be good.
hope you enjoy watchin em, like we enjoyed makin em...