something new

heres some stills from a new project that ive been dabbling with. this is actually two shots from the same scene if your wondering why the dude has the same pose in both...

the kidman and lemon show

heres a project that i had a mild hand in helping out with (mainly cleaning drawings and bothering people while they were trying to work).
the majority of the work was made by some really creative people and i think the end result is a pretty good testament to the talent that put it together.


here is a list of all the other people involved (which i copy pasted from jamie's blog...hope thats ok!)
The concept of the show was created by Chuck Gammage himself, one of the world's best animators!
Conceptual Art & Design was provided by the young genius Rex Hackleberg!
Layouts were bestowed upon us by Graham Falk the master of funny drawings and the creator of "Untalkative Bunny"!
Backgrounds elegantly painted by the one and only Clive Powsey!
Inking done by the mighty, lightning quick, Mike Geiger!
Technical Support by the wizard of codex Seamus O'Keeffe
Musical Score provided by the mix-masta-blasta Scott Bucsis
Animation and Direction is by Jamie Mason