day 3

for some reason the colors on my computer at home are drastically different than what i see on my monitor at work, which makes a lot of these drawings look incredibly odd. so if you lookin at these things thinkin "man, dudes color stylin is wack", its cause my moniter i do these things on needs some obvious tuning.
anyways, day 3...

the world tour starts here

i spent a good portion of the last weekend drawin up some characters from different ethnicities around the world. i had an idea behind it, but before i get ahead of myself, ill start postin a few up here for yall to check out and we'll see what happens from there...

ren seeks help

john k put up a trailer on his blog for an episode of ren and stimpy that we made over at carbunkle a while back. i spotted a few scenes in there that i animated so i thought id post er up, probably the most memorable being the pistol whipping scene near the end of the trailer.