ok, so during my time off ive decided to put some effort into learning the art of drawing women. its something that ive seemed to struggle with in the past, so i figure its time to face it head on. i think im gonna start posting my sketches of girls on here so that hopefully there will be a visible progression on my drawings and force me to produce at least a few a day. if not, this is just gonna be a bad idea. anyways, heres my first batch of what i consider semi-succesful sketches from this weekend. some better than others, but hey, we gotta start somewhere.

good and evil

well, there was a small premiere for toy machine's good an evil last night at vital, and i must say, the video was incredibly good ( yes, even without my animation). here is my terrible picture of some people watching my animation, and although this makes it seem like there are 8 people there, there was actually much more and this is really just an awful picture. no really.

toy machine video

my recently finished "transistor sect" short for the new toymachine video " good and evil" was premiered this weekend at the house of blues at disneyland. you can check out a review of the video here, or in the meantime, you can watch the animated short at after nov 15th. the toymachine dvd should be in stores by nov 11th.

nfb film

my n.f.b. short " when things were a little backwards" will be airing on c.b.c.'s zed next wednesday nov 10th at 11:35 p.m. You can read a little write up about it here, although i must admit, i am a little unsure why it is categorized under " psychology and psychiatry perception", i woulda thought something more like "cartoon "..... but that works too.