the big smoke

and 10 months and 78 episodes later...
yamroll season 1 is officially over.
it says something about the show you work on when you are SAD that a season is over instead of jumping for joy.
but with that said, you wont hear me complaining that it is now also officially my vacation!
3 weeks of nothing to think about other than my next meal
so if anyone out there is from, or currently lives in the big smoke, (i just moved to toronto this week) feel free to send me some directions to the best places in town.
preferably with a food safety inspection sticker that says PASS on the front window,
and just in case you were gonna mention this one,
i already know about the ikea cafeteria.


Mirco said...

Congrats, have a good time on vacation. I'd tell you that you should get sum Dim Sum while in TO. They have some of the best. Although down town chinatown is pretty scuzy. If you get the chance try and make it up town maybe to the Pacific mall area, which is a giant airplane hanger of a hong kong style mall.

murrayb said...

I dont know if all of these are still in business but here goes:

Mars Diner
flo's diner
licks-for the "nature" burger
Spagetti factory-food's okay, but cheesy antiques make it cool.
the tulip steakhouse

shanghai cowgirl

the garden gate ("the goof")-where else can you get turkey dinner and chinese food?jukebox booths-in the beach

rancho relaxo-great tex-mex
the crunchy burger-in mirvish village
Mr greek(the entire danforth actually)
the big carrot -is good for the veg.
sugar mountain-CANDY!!
the peameal bacon on a kaiser counter at the ST. lawerence market.(It's an ontario thing (I'm told) you can't get in van; much to my transplanted buddy's chargrin, so you might as well try it fresh from the farm)
and by god I miss pizza pizza.(9-6-7 11-11 phone pizza pizza hey hey hey..)

the doodlers said...

Accross the street from The Goof at Beach and Queen, there is a very good sushi restaurent called Akane-Ya. I think that's the right spelling. Dunno if they have yam roll tho.

We'll add you to our links now. Welcome to T.O. Yam Roll show is soooo cute!