cuddle sticks

alright, there seems to be some interest in watching the film...
so what the hay...
for your viewing pleasure.

but please! if you are a child...for goodness sakes dont watch this

getting some cuddle props...

gettings some cuddle sticks hype from the man himself...

this week in cuddle sticks news

just got back from an enjoyable weekend in montreal attending the screening of cuddle sticks at the just for laughs festival. (the picture above is of the festival party on st.laurent street).

also this week, if youre around the big apple, the film will be playing friday evening at the animation block party.

as well as this saturday evening at the comic-con in san diego as part of the spike and mikes gauntlet.

"10:30-12:30 Spike & Mike: The Gauntlet. You vote via applause and your reaction is the deciding factor as to whether an animation keeps playing or whether it will make it into the next world tour. Gift Girls with swag! Animators include Mike Geiger (Cuddle Sticks), John Goras (Chirpy Returns), Joe Borelli (Arties Day Off), Ross Bollinger (The Mosquito Who Gave Up Blood), Stefan Schuch (Tinky Winky: Last of the Teletubbies), Jeff Chiba Stearns (Yellow Sticky Notes), Steve Fonti (Yes Timmy There Is a Santa Claus), Spike (Death to the Teletubbies), and Matthew Lee (Flock Off). Room 6CDEF"

i also received the news today that cuddle sticks will be screening in denver colorado as part of the frame damage animation festival in august.