merry crimas



Joseph said...

Holly Jolly! that is one candy cane treat of a card. I love the outline. Keep up the amazing work in 2008 I mean 2007:)

Anonymous said...

hmm.. where have i seen this x-mas card before... hmm.. where!!??

happy new years to you and tammy.. I'll be meetin' Leo and palumbo at the buddha to celebrate Sheridan(shanes gf) b-day... should be fun!!

See you next year!(literaly :)


Richard Mitchelson said...

Hi Mike, Great Blog, I really like The jam roll cycles. Very clever to get them moving on a cycle like that, is it a .GIF ?

I shall return soon, Thanks

skanes said...

good work mike...i really dig this one...happy 2007, brother.

the doodlers said...

Cheer and Happy New Year. I very much like the windswept elephant below. Don't know why, I just do. :)

Mirco said...

A little late but happy holidays and hope the new year is going good for you and this charming little elf.

LauraBraga said...

Hi MIke!!
I found yuor blog and...WOW....!!
your cartoonist style is amazing!!!

I'll come back to visit your blog for sure!!