el malefico

the mucha lucha movie "the return of el malefico" that i did some animation on will finally be out on video this january fourth. i try really hard not to buy dvds, but i guess this is a reasonable enough excuse to purchase one, although, its not like i havent seen it already, and in fact, i have seen a few of those scenes so many times that they are fairly burned into my memory for who knows how many years. so why am i buying it again? oh ya, because i have an excuse to.

this weeks drawings

i know havent been posting drawings this week, but its not due to lack of drawing. ive just been working on a drawing for my parents so i cant post it unless they happen to find this web site in the next few days and their christmas present is blown. so if you are my mom / and or dad and you are reading this right now, please disregard all the above information and no matter what you just read, i am not drawing you anything. its all just gossip.

toy video out now

the toy machine video is now out in stores. so far, no comments like "your animation blew" or "it was good..except for that animated bit". so i guess, so far, so good.

izen draws birds

i just got back from yet another jon izen art show, and once again, pretty much everything was sold before it even started. normally i would think that would be a spectacular thing, but its izen, so now i just expect no less. that kid must have some skills. why not see for yourself?


we started work today on a new series called maggie. i guess i cant say too much about it seeing as how its produced by disney, so i wont. but i will mention that i am pretty happy to be going to the studio again, rather than trying to motivate myself to get stuff done at home. not that time off is bad, but we may just put this 5 week vacation into the "too much of a good thing" category, next to mint chocolate chip ice cream and pumpkin cheesecake.


ok, the toy machine animation is finally up on my site
YAY!!! check er out kids!!!

todays drawing

this was actually drawn as part of a joke, but in the end, i kinda dug the way it turned out.

it was no spongebob...

so i checked out this movie brown bunny last night. now i dunno if you all know about this thing, or who vincent gallo is, but i felt like some kind of sucker for getting suckered into this thing written and directed by a nobody who is a somebody because he is a weirdo. i then ( after my rant about how it blew..haha, blew) decided to look up this fellow on the internet to find out why he thought he had the beans to waste my 2 hours and $8.50 to see this load of anal spewage, until i realized, that this it is probably exactly why, and most likely the only reason, he made this ridiculous movie, wait, movie may be too strong a word here... to gain hype about the fact that he is hooped and should be considered a "pop culture icon" for being so fugged. so i changed my mind and decided i would rather not care enough about him to check out his biography, and instead, write this extendo post about that terrible (please dont go rent this movie, and geez people, if you do, especially not with your family) movie called brown bunny.

the sponge b square p movie

ok, i saw the sponge b square p movie today, but unfortunately for you, no amount of description could ever explain how hooped this movie is. definently hooped in a good way, but i just fear for the precious minds of all the little children out there that must be working incredibly hard to try to grasp what the f*&k just happened, and why david hasselhoff's chest can launch rockets??!? what the...

todays sketches

some dudes and a girl lookin kinda funky.
i am now wondering why i feel it is necessary to draw womens hands in awkward positions?

more toy video news...

i came across this quote about the new toy video:

Rob from Plus Skateboarding in Detroit - "We had over 200 kids at the movie theater down the street from the shop. Kids were getting hyped! I'd say Good and Evil matches Welcome to Hell. Everybody has great parts, and good music. Those backside Barley grinds have to be called Bennett grinds! That shit is unbelievable! Artsy, but not too artsy. Fucking RAW, but fun. The cartoon is rad! You had some high standards to live up to and I think you did."

YAY, beyond the obvious love for a rad video with amazing skating (yay toy machine !) that i was fortunate enough to be a part of, for me personally: " the cartoon is rad" is actually a great compliment because its not from someone i know who might be just sayin it to be nice to me. yay for people i dont know !!!


a snowman?

todays work

i guess this is a drawing of a girl, although it was done for a company that i do graphics for every now and then, so it wasnt on purpose. i hope they dont mind me posting it. something is still buggin me about the graphic though, im thinking now that it may be the e-zine font, or possible just the overall treatment of the snow? i dunno, maybe ive just been looking at it for too long, time for a breaky.

todays drawing

yes yes, i realize this is not a girl drawing, but i needed a break.

reuben kambeitz

last night was an art show from former white rock local reuben kambeitz. i guess this post is almost useless because he doesnt have a site with his work on it for you to check out, but it at least gives me the chance to say how amazing his stuff was. the kind of work that you could spend hours looking at without losing interest. its always good to see more success outta white rock.

todays drawings

the battle continues...



ok, so during my time off ive decided to put some effort into learning the art of drawing women. its something that ive seemed to struggle with in the past, so i figure its time to face it head on. i think im gonna start posting my sketches of girls on here so that hopefully there will be a visible progression on my drawings and force me to produce at least a few a day. if not, this is just gonna be a bad idea. anyways, heres my first batch of what i consider semi-succesful sketches from this weekend. some better than others, but hey, we gotta start somewhere.

good and evil

well, there was a small premiere for toy machine's good an evil last night at vital, and i must say, the video was incredibly good ( yes, even without my animation). here is my terrible picture of some people watching my animation, and although this makes it seem like there are 8 people there, there was actually much more and this is really just an awful picture. no really.

toy machine video

my recently finished "transistor sect" short for the new toymachine video " good and evil" was premiered this weekend at the house of blues at disneyland. you can check out a review of the video here, or in the meantime, you can watch the animated short at mikegeiger.com after nov 15th. the toymachine dvd should be in stores by nov 11th.

nfb film

my n.f.b. short " when things were a little backwards" will be airing on c.b.c.'s zed next wednesday nov 10th at 11:35 p.m. You can read a little write up about it here, although i must admit, i am a little unsure why it is categorized under " psychology and psychiatry perception", i woulda thought something more like "cartoon "..... but that works too.