one of my favorite ballers of all time, kareem abdul jabbar
and the other number 33,
long limbs larry bird


* update - well, seasons change, styles change, and so do plans.
so, due to some last minute re-scheduling, it looks like ill be moving on to another project other than the jimmy show.
its both a shame (cause jimmy is a killer show), and a positive (because ill be moving on to another production that is equally as great).
either way, im now officialy a resident of ottawa, and although a wee bit colder than vancouver (its says its -16 as i write this), im pretty excited to be here.
time to go buy some mitts!

i told myself i would never let this blog go a week without a post, but im excited to say that ive been busy organizing a move to go work on a fantastic show called jimmy two shoes with some super talented folk out in ottawa.
so, unfortunately, with my computer about to be packed up, there may be a lull in posts for the next few days (probably about a week or so), but i promise ill be back just as soon as im settled with a bunch of new stuff to show.
see yall sooooon!

a few more of these reaction videos...

i took a look on the youtube today and came across a few more of these reaction videos for the ol cuddle sticks.

the white rock 19

another drawing from my childhood.
i especially appreciate how my teacher thought it necessary to label that the alligator was an alligator.

star wars uncut

let me start by saying im not a crazy star wars fan, but this is just brilliant.

star wars uncut is a project where they have broken up the original movie into thousands of 15 second clips, which are downloadable by anyone who would like to take one and re-make it into their own version.

you can check out the trailer for the project here:

and here is my submission for the film,
not too much happens in my specific scene, but it was still a fun time to put together:

i think there are still a handful of scene that can be claimed if anyone is interested.
star wars uncut

county ghost 5, what coulda been

alright, since it looks like this episode just aint ever gonna get finished...
heres a few still from what did get done


a drawing from a little proposal i put together a while ago.

the farmer

seems our farmer lost an eye and is now really angry...
i wonder what gives?

a few more golden oldies

the first looks to be an unfinished title page for something to do with bruce springsteen.
the second one is obviously a star wars drawing, but the thing that confuses me about this one, is that its drawn on some sort of court document.
if you click on it to make it bigger, you can see that there are spots for "the nature of the claim" and "default court judgment $"...
which brings up a whole slew of questions about when i got this from when i was in grade 1.

numero three

i was planning on throwing up a few drawings today, but my scanner has decided to start giving me some error messages about it not being found or something like this.
so instead, here is the third episode of our friendly chicken bone...
and dont worry,
i completely understand that this "joke" is absolutely terrible.
somehow it just got made anyways...

more cuddle sticks...

im happy to say that cuddle sticks was screened at the sydney international animation festival in their late night bizarre program earlier this week.

looks like theres also been a new wave of cuddle sticks reaction videos posted on youtube over the last few days. im sure you are getting a bit tired of these, but its still nice to see some people getting a kick out of it.

chicken bone - number in colour!

p.s. you can click on the image to make it bigger in case you cant read that small font...

vote mirco

if anyone has an aniboom account and a few seconds to spare...
mirco has an animatic submitted in the aniboom "history speaks" contest and it would great if you could give him a vote or even just a view if you dont have an aniboom account

episode five...

its been a while, but the next chapter of the county ghost is finally on the way.
and as you can tell,
this dude couldnt be more excited...

well i wasnt expecting this...

so, i dunno even what to say about these...
some people have been posting youtube videos, of them watching one of my youtube videos...
interesting concept,
and im obviously flattered...
but still think it is very very strange...
but also... very very awesome.

it all started here with these dudes doing it but unfortunately they have disabled their embedding function so there is just a link.

and here are some more:

heat wave special

two little sketches i did over the weekend since it was way too hot to be indoors.
i think im going to need to do some more of these cause i was feeling pretty rusty with this stuff in general.

prince george citizen

heres another little interview about my animation that appeared in the prince george citizen.
you can read the whole thing here if youd like.

vote for the ghost

county ghost is 1 of 20 finalist in the anima mundi internet animation festival.
if you wanted to click on over and give me a vote any time until july 25th, i'd be happy to have you do so.



i got inspired last night to do a quick drawing in dedication of one of my favorite albums of all time, the gravediggaz' 6 feet deep... from back when hip hop was still fun to listen to.
if anyone is feeling like they could use a punch of awesomeness in their day, i strongly suggest finding this album.

annecy screenings

its a busy little weekend for my films
cuddle sticks will be playing 7 times over the next few days with 3 different venues in annecy as part of the politically incorrect program, the spike and mike program, and the animation film party, and the county ghost episodes 1 -4 will also be playing back to back to back to back at the le comptoir de la folie ordinaire on saturday night.
hot holler!

supa rain

my friend jamie aka "hobo divive" designed a character called "supa rain" and has suggested downloading it and using him in your own way...
so here is my version

if anyone else has a few spare minutes in their day,
i would urge you to pop over to jamies blog and try one yourself!
no drawing needed!

just another day in animation

so i recently got an e-mail from a skateboard company that i did an animation for in the past who asked if it was cool if they posted my new animation on their site.
obviously not understanding, I said "sure, but what new animation?"

as turns out, someone had done another animated short and posted it on newgrounds based on the same character, and "inspired" by mine.
and by "inspired", i mean traced "or possibly trace bitmapped i cant tell" frame for frame my walk cycles and poses.

which, to be honest didnt really bother me that much.
the character isnt mine, and im all for fan art style projects.
but with the world being the fair and just place that it is,
this fellow has pulled in 133000 hits and was posted on the main page of newgrounds with 350 comments about how great his animated short is that he just traced off of my work,
while my original animation, is sitting on youtube with about 3000 views.

well BRS from Whales....
alls i can say is,
youre f*%#king welcome.

me cameos...

here are some screen shots of a few of my 15 minutes of fame when some designers decided to add me into the background of their shows.

the first one is from a show called olliver's adventures (im the fella in the grey hoodie looking mesmerized by the fancy juggling) which i believe was drawn by curtis carey.

and the second is from an episode of yamroll (id be the sushi on the right with the larger size headphones) designed by ariel villaverde.

both stunningly flattering of coarse.

hellfire and rain

since ive been having so much trouble with color lately, i thought it justifiable to make a character out of a rainbow.

i hate color

so, ive been doing pre-production of my new project for the past 4 or 5 weeks now.
script done, models done, rotations done, props done, bg locations done, and now voice records done.
so today is the first day of "color", and i gotta admit, i havent felt as lost as i am right now in a long time. if you ever noticed, i like to stick to a few colors that i am comfortable with and pretty much hang out in the same area of the color palette no matter what im working on. unfortunately this project takes place in a bright sunny atmosphere with white clouds and beaches, which is a drastic change from the normal browny darkness that im used to.
so i am feeling kinda completely out of my element here, and am realizing that where in the past, i would mix in darker tones to add depth, adding white doesnt work oppositely to make something brighter. it just washes out the color that you originally had.
this is messed up!

earth science

here is a little animated intro i did for a friend of mine who asked if i would help make something for his clothing line called earth science that he is doing in conjunction with a shop called livestock (which is a canadian sneaker store if you are unfamiliar).

a little bit different than my normal cartoonery, but a fun change of pace.

some of my work at various venues

a few of my films will be playing at the following festivals and events over the next few weeks. it doesnt look like i will be able to attend any of them, but would still be happy to have you show up and support some great animation celebrations.

annecy animation festival june 8 - 12th in annecy france

the red sticks animation festival in baton rouge april 22nd - 25th.

the melbourne animation festival june 22nd - june 28th

animation industry night next thursday the 23rd in toronto

in portland may 1st as part of the spike and mike festival

comic con 2009 as part of the spike and mike program july 23rd - 26th

also, one of my cartoons was the 5th most watched on the 4mations site last month, which means i won an award!