just another day in animation

so i recently got an e-mail from a skateboard company that i did an animation for in the past who asked if it was cool if they posted my new animation on their site.
obviously not understanding, I said "sure, but what new animation?"

as turns out, someone had done another animated short and posted it on newgrounds based on the same character, and "inspired" by mine.
and by "inspired", i mean traced "or possibly trace bitmapped i cant tell" frame for frame my walk cycles and poses.

which, to be honest didnt really bother me that much.
the character isnt mine, and im all for fan art style projects.
but with the world being the fair and just place that it is,
this fellow has pulled in 133000 hits and was posted on the main page of newgrounds with 350 comments about how great his animated short is that he just traced off of my work,
while my original animation, is sitting on youtube with about 3000 views.

well BRS from Whales....
alls i can say is,
youre f*%#king welcome.