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hello out there!
i was thinking of throwing up some swfs on this thing, while doing my best to avoid setting up a youtube account in the process, so if there is anyone out there with a magical potion, or possibly an html code that might help me post swfs from my server onto blogger that i could use, id be forever grateful for the help...

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Ron said...

src="http://www.yourwebsite.com/yourfile.swf" loop="true" WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=225 Autoplay="true" Controller="true"

This code can be used for SWF or quicktimes.
Just add object & embed tags at the start and end.
But you need a site to upload it to, do you still have your .com? or get a free 20 MB from almost any site like tripod or whoever. Then input the size and you're ready to go. For SWFs make sure you have a start button and for quicktimes you should have about 17 or 20 pixels extra to the "height" dimensions in order to compensate for the control bar.