county ghost episode 3

"coast to coast ghost"


Hobo Divine said...
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Hobo Divine said...

This one is my favorite so far.

How come he only harasses that farmer if he is to haunt the entire county?

Is Kenny Rogers still alive?
He liked singing songs about counties.
It would be awesome if County Ghost had a theme sung by Kenny Rogers.

Kenny Rogers is a Leo.

What sign is the County Ghost?

Was he alive during the prohibition?

Does he hate booze or bottles?

That farmer is a fast runner, faster than Ben Johnson.

There is only one thing that can kill a ghost and that is an ice cube made of holy water!

Will the Farmer discover this?!

And if so will he convert to Catholicism?

And if he coverts to Catholicism will he give up "the drink"?

And if he converts to Catholicism and gives up the drink, will he still have the need to kill the ghost with the holy ice cube?

Thank you for posting this perplexing and enigmatic cartoon.

P.S. What ever happened to the band Enigma... do you think they would get together and do the end credits for County Ghost?

Anonymous said...
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michael foster said...

I love these shorts. The HB sounds are great, they add a nice touch. :O)

geiger said...

hey jamie,
im not sure what sign the county ghost is, im guessing not a virgo.
and yes, you hit it on the head...
it is about the bottles...not the booze.

thanks for the comment,
ya, i have a feeling that if i were to use any other effects library, it would probably drastically change the mood of the shorts.
i know they can, at times feel overused, but i think its probably for good reason.

Mirco said...

Fantastic! what a rascal that ghost is. what a complex realtionship they both have to moonshine. The cow and cat are amazing! Brilliant

Paco Sordo said...

Wow!!! This is my favourite too! Show just keep getting better and better!

smac said...

Go Go Go County Ghost! these just keep getting better and better. the ghost's laugh kills me. can't wait for more!

geiger said...

thanks guys!
your kind words are appreciated

Kyle Marshall said...

Inspiring work Sir Geiger...keep on truckin!