the most boring animated christmas card ever not produced

so, a few weeks ago i thought i would animate a county ghost christmas card for the season.
but a good 65% the way through, i realized that my original idea was actually not very good and probably just an excuse to make a card rather than something worth making.
so i decided to halt the production and scrap the whole christmas idea rather than having make you sit through a boring holiday card that wasnt even remotely enjoyable.
in any case, heres some stills from the most boring unmade christmas card ever not produced...
happy holidays.


Chocolate Log said...

That is the best animated Christmas card I haven't seen this year.

Merry Christmas and keep up the great work for 2009

Chocolate Log

Joseph said...

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the cabin
Mike Geiger was working hard
Drawing and planning
But some doubt in his mind he did host
So ended this year Christmas episode of County Ghost

All the best to you Mike!!

Ben said...


Mirco said...

I'm bored in to amazement and hope that you'll finish this and upload it as some sort of moving picture.
Merry Holidays!

Hobo Divine said...

That is so sad he has the ocean in his eyes!

P.S. My Word Verification was "waybag"