t d a

the show "total drama action" that ive been working on for the last few months premieres today on teletoon.com and on t.v. this tuesday.
from what ive seen of the new season, im sure it will be a hit.
a lot of talented folks working on this one.


TH3DEN said...

thats awesome! reminds me a lot of clone high. man i loved that show!

Mukpuddy said...

Looks awesome dude! Wasn't it called 'Total Drama Island'?

geiger said...

hey guys, thanks for the comments.

the show was designed by todd kauffman and mark thornton who happened to also have designed clone high.
you can check them out at:
super talented and nice guys.

it was totally called total drama island before.
rumor has it that the new name is simply because they are no longer on an island.

RAWLS said...

Great stuff Mike! I also love the music from the last County Ghost, as well as his laugh. Super work my friend!

Hobo Divine said...

I remember that show.