chicken bone 4

please click on the image for an enlarged version


Amber said...

Cute. Nice line work. What application did you use to make such clean lines?

geiger said...

thanks amber,
i use flash with the help of a cintiq.

Mirco said...

I enjoyed this very much! Please don't tell my turtle.

Mick said...

love it fatty

Jefferson said...

Hi Mike! Again, great work! This is Jeff from TAIS.
I don't have flash so I couldn't find your email.
Mine's at

Hobo Divine said...

Did you know that Rocky owned two turtles?
Their names were Cuff & Link!

I like Chicken Leg even though sometimes he is a bit reckless.

Does Chicken Leg listen to he radio while he is driving?
I betcha "The Boys Are Back In Town" was blaring when he ran over those turtles!

Thin Lizzy!

Hobo Divine said...

Post Script

Why is your blog still on Vancouver Time?
Are you embarrassed to be in Toronto?

I know I am!

Thin Lizzy!

michaelamos said...

Sooooooo cool! I love a good chicken bone!

geiger said...

oh thanks fellas!

Curtis said...

HAHAHAHA! He's food, but he's deep like a road scholar....that's a person that studies roads right?

Anonymous said...

Great gag! (poor turtles)