for whatever reason, in addition to a large amount of very polite and gracious people, youtube attracts a healthy dose of viewers that love to rip you new one.
so for the amount of people that leave nasty and rude notes on my videos, getting a comment like this is golden.

(taken from my transistor sect short)

thanks mccaslin7575,
made my day.


Kawks! said...

Most of the time people who post those comments do it as a joke. It seems to be a new fad.

Curtis said...

People are lonely, and socially awkward. But still want/need attention. So they go on the internet and commit hate crimes, and swear lazily. "This is shit" is barely worth writing on something that is actually shit.

PS. Maybe they meant this is THE shit...that means it's very good.
But then at the last minute they forgot the "the" because they were too busy thinking about how racist they were going to be toward the next video they were going to watch.

Curtis said...

Hey Mike,

It looks like you wiped your ass with your bare hands, and got shit all over your film...Oh wait, It's just a shitty film. Sorry to accuse you of having shitty hands.

Yeah! Now that's how you make some one feel bad, and use the word shit.
Take a note people...take..a..note.

PS. Great films!

Mirco said...

the internet is a terrible place put you have managed to make it better. Thanks Mike