spike and mike vancouver

if anyone will be in vancouver this weekend, i have a film in the spike and mike festival that will be premiering this friday at the rio on broadway at commercial.
if anyone was interested in checking out the show, i hear they will be serving alcoholic beverages on opening night, so if you are into such things and are looking for a carrot to go, look no further.
ill be at the 9 oclock showing, as well as my mom, so feel free to say hi to either one of us.
hope to see you there!


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Anonymous said...

My friends and I Just saw cuddle sticks at the Rio and it was bloody brilliant!!!! Thanks for creating it.

Anonymous said...

is this the same mike geiger that used to kill it on a skateboard?...and from white rock?

I just saw cuddle sticks as well and had to see if it was the same dude or not. Nice work homie.