a few online interviews with yours truly

i have a litle interview on the channel frederator blog today,
you can check it out here if you are feeling it.

also out today is an interview i did for VICE magazine about my "cuddle sticks" film. you can check it out here,
but be warned, its a little, ummm lets say "crude".
i guess no worse than the film itself,
but still...
sorry mom.


Mick said...

you have a great talent and sense of humour, this article and the short do nothing to represent either.

smac said...

Wow Mike, thanks so much, your definitely a huge inspiration of mine and a lot of other people's too. great interviews. can't believe that lady gave you a swirly in the Bay.

RAWLS said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog bro! Keep up the great work!