star wars uncut

let me start by saying im not a crazy star wars fan, but this is just brilliant.

star wars uncut is a project where they have broken up the original movie into thousands of 15 second clips, which are downloadable by anyone who would like to take one and re-make it into their own version.

you can check out the trailer for the project here:

and here is my submission for the film,
not too much happens in my specific scene, but it was still a fun time to put together:

i think there are still a handful of scene that can be claimed if anyone is interested.
star wars uncut


ghostLAB.DS said...

Scweet! This looks like an awesome effort by some dedicated fans and I love seeing the Star Wars universe in your signature style. Just wish it lasted longer than 15 seconds. :)

Curtis said...

Super Fun.

geiger said...

im glad you liked it!

Anne-Renée said...

You should do MORE movie scenes over with your style! It's funny and cool.

smac said...

That's sweet. Great idea.