i hate color

so, ive been doing pre-production of my new project for the past 4 or 5 weeks now.
script done, models done, rotations done, props done, bg locations done, and now voice records done.
so today is the first day of "color", and i gotta admit, i havent felt as lost as i am right now in a long time. if you ever noticed, i like to stick to a few colors that i am comfortable with and pretty much hang out in the same area of the color palette no matter what im working on. unfortunately this project takes place in a bright sunny atmosphere with white clouds and beaches, which is a drastic change from the normal browny darkness that im used to.
so i am feeling kinda completely out of my element here, and am realizing that where in the past, i would mix in darker tones to add depth, adding white doesnt work oppositely to make something brighter. it just washes out the color that you originally had.
this is messed up!


Bob Flynn said...

If I'm hearing you correctly, Mike (and I'm pretty familiar with your work), you typically work in a limited color palette. I do the same. Are you talking about same animation you posted still from in March? Because those are looking great!

I have to agree, though. Nothing more boring to color than a blue sky with white clouds. Always more fun to use emotional/non-reastistic color.

Sometimes when I'm trying to figure out a scheme, I'll messed with that advanced color tool in Flash (I'm assuming your in Flash) to see how subtle shifts help unite some of the colors.

Definitely stick with your instincts! Color is can be tough, but you know you love it when you nail it. It's worth the trouble and time.

geiger said...

thanks bob!

i appreciate the comment.
this isnt anything ive posted before and has to be a bit more "mainstream" than my usual stuff.
i like what you said, about sticking with my instincts, because im am catching myself doing some weird weird stuff at this point with some odd pastel colors that i would normally never go near. but since these are "beach scenes", im finding myself roaming around at that end of the spectrum.

my biggest concern at this point, is that those pastelly colors just dont match the style of my thick bulky lines that i clean up with. so even if i do find a decent pallette to work with, it just doesnt suit my line art when i try painting with them.

sunny happy colors are not brightening up my day today...

Bob Flynn said...

Ugh...pastels. I feel that. Add white to everything and you don't need to think about color at all ;) I wonder if you looked up some beach scenes from classic cartoons if that would help. Bright doesn't have to mean white. Remember how truly colorful the beach is---not at all washed out.

Good luck! I know you'll figure it out. Color is your friend. Don't hate! :)

Btw, my last comment was hammered with typos. Sorry about that!

Anne-Renée said...
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Anne-Renée said...

I'm loving that "I Don't Love Colour" graphic, complete with subtext. Brilliant!

Also, love the new header.

Mirco said...

I know what you mean. colour can be elusive. i have no idea how most Mediterranean artists have there color sense but it is usually bright and airy. I've never been able to capture that quality. maybe change mediums for a bit and draw your characters using some water colours? perhaps that will change your perspective on colour.

Hobo Divine said...

Which colour do you hate?

Kyle Marshall said...

screw the color!!!! colors overrated and to big of a pain in the ass!.......but it is sure peeertty to look at when done well....oh, damn you color

Renze said...

Hey mike, it's quite some days ago since you posted this so i hope u've booked some progess along the way. For my last project i started using adobe kuler to mess around with colours, maybe it helps for you too in finding a nice and bright beachy palette!