Star Wars Uncut

It appears the Star Wars Uncut project from back in 2010 has found some new legs thanks to the rights finally being cleared. Here are two links to sites that are featuring my little 15 second section. I cant read the Dutch German comment under my picture but when I ran it through the translator it came up with Animated scene from "Star Wars Uncut": Mike Geiger has filed this 15 seconds. He is a fan of the old "Star Wars" films - the new place he just horrible.

Spiegel Online
Vancouver is Awesome


Niels Christian said...

Actually SPIEGEL is a German magazine, not a Dutch one :-) And it says that you are a fan of the old Star Wars movies, but that you dislike the new ones.

SPIEGEL is one (if not the) biggest weekly political magazines here in Germany. Being linked by them usually leads to a breakdown of sites :-) So maybe you can be happy that they only mentioned your name but not linked to your site. Nevertheless, I am happy to have found your works. They are pretty awesome.

Mike Geiger said...

Thank you for the translation and the awesome info!
Its really rewarding to have my work shown on foreign places sites this.