The Good the Bad and the Ugly art show

My piece from the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly show. Drawn and colored in Flash and then tinkered with in Photoshop.


Hobo Divine said...


james_william_walsh said...

yeah great drawing buddy!

Chris Graf said...

dude, epic!

Mike Geiger said...

thanks fellers!

Doctor Jones said...

Mike, you outdid yourself.

van cleef captured in all his evil glory.

Who's going to be the lucky owner of this? When and where is this show?

Mike Geiger said...

ha, thanks Rob,

The show is actually already down, but I believe they are putting up a little site with all the pieces from the event for everyone to check out.
As for who bought it? I'm not sure! But am happy someone wanted it. Makes a fella feel good on the inside.

Thanks for the kind words!