a little working update

A little update as to what I've been working on these days.

I just finished up working on season 3 of Jimmy Two Shoes.
I was somehow involved in it from design all the way through animation.
Can't say enough for working on a great looking show with some great people.

I'm midway through a production on a pilot for a cool children's show called "The Adventures of Napkin Man". The style is very "School House Rock" so it's been great fun to play with.
More info on the project here.

I'm also working on my first I-Phone game with a company called Industrial Bros.
I probably shouldn't say too much about this one until it's release, but here's a piece of a corner of a menu just to show it does actually exist.

I also just drew up a few ideas for "Cuddle Sticks 2" this weekend. I'm still undecided if it's a good or a bad idea to start crossing that bridge again. I guess we'll see how she pans out.


BETOWERS said...

You are amazing!!! Really, I love your work

geiger said...

hey thank you very kindly!

Joseph said...

Saaaaawweeeeaatt! Can't wait for Cuddle Sticks two!!!!

Strange Kid said...

Really awesome news all around, Mike. Jimmy Two Shoes is currently one of my favorite series on tv. :)

smac said...

Keep up the great work! Cuddle Sticks part DEUX! That would be awesome.