beat street 1984

those giant purple stickers didnt come easy...
my teacher must of really wanted to come see that moon walk in action.


Chocolate Log said...

Isn't the Worm called the Dolphin?

Awesome stuff, I love looking at my old school books. Full of crazy stuff.

Mirco said...

I don't think a break dancing competition will live up to this drawing for me.

Anne-Renée said...

Hilarious!! Also, very cute.

Hobo Divine said...

AHHHHhhhhhh h YEAAaaaaah h !

Your Teacher wanted you to school her with the Boogie Down!

The sticker represented the Funky Block Party she was going to provide!

This is too AWESOME for words!
Keep posting the yester-years journal!

Justin said...

I think your getting better.