neglecting the pencil

ok, since it seems that ive been posting such random drawings on here so randomly, its not because i havent been drawing. for the past lil while ive been focusing all my drawings into a storyboard for a short that ive been working on for a few months in my spare time. i guess in the end, my short didnt turn out that short, and i guess im gonna have to take probably at least half of it to the chopping block, but the first draft did get done ( i have no idea how or when ) and im workin on my first round of corrections and revisions as i write this. so just in case you check this thing every now and then and think "this dude really doesnt draw that much for an animation guy", other than that probably being true, most of my drawings have just ended up in this board instead of on this website, and hopefully with its preliminary completion, they will start showing up on here a little more frequently.

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