Places I've Lived series

I have admittedly lived in a few more places than these but didn't want it to get too out of hand ( Ive also lived in some pretty bland places so fair game I guess).
If interested, prints of any or all of these are available for purchase at my Society6 shop here.
Thanks! *Can click on the pictures for a larger version

1 - White Rock B.C. Canada        2 - Vancouver B.C. Canada
3 - Halifax N.S. Canada        4 - Vancouver B.C. Canada
5 - Vancouver B.C. Canada        6 - White Rock B.C. Canada
7 - Toronto Ontario Canada        8 - Sudbury Ontario Canada
9 - Halifax N.S. Canada        10 - Toronto Ontario Canada
11 - Toronto Ontario Canada        12 - Ottawa Ontario Canada


Doctor Jones said...

These are great!!!

Mitchel Kennedy said...

Awesome! Each very much evokes their city.